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PG Dating is a content manager focused on building dating sites. With this application you can start with templates and customize them with no hassle. In short, it's a user-friendly CMS for those with little knowledge of programming.

Editing a webpage is no easy task, but thanks to the tools on PG Dating you can add everything you want to your site: user profiles, registration forms, search engines to find the perfect partner, instant messages or video chat, and much more.

PG Dating presents a very clean and organized control panel for intuitive and simple use: it includes all the options you can add to the site (design, content, etc.) and lets you manage all the users and payments.

It also lets you add different payment methods to your site, as well as banners, ads, and integrated chat. To maximize your site's profitability, it can also adapt to iOS and Android operating systems.

PG Dating users can use your dating social network to post comments on their profile, specifying their interests and creating photo galleries just like on any other conventional social network. The only difference is that they can also find matches from the search engine to start any kind relationship they want.

- The server and the domain for your site are on us, although we offer hosting plans on our official site.

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